Creative Services for Self-publishers

I have been a graphic designer, desktop publisher, and prepress tech for upwards of 15 years now. Before that, I was a professional proofreader. I work as a freelancer under the business name The Cabil, and I'd like to offer my services to my fellow self-publishers. Namely: graphic design, Photoshop wizardry, ebook conversions, and proofreading/line editing.

Technical jargon: I work in Adobe Creative Suite 5, Mac-based. InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator. I'm familiar with cross-platform challenges. I speak fluent printer-ese: resolution, bleeds, separations, bump plates, page creep, etc. I've done folders, envelopes, and brochures that fold every which way. Need gloss plates or custom dies? No problem.

Art and rights: I work with existing images, modifying them in Photoshop or Illustrator. I'm not a painter or a sketch artist, sorry. All of the samples you see below were created from stock photographs or art which I commissioned. The only rights to my freelance work that I reserve is: to display the work in my portfolio, in order to gain further employment. If you give me images to alter, you must own the rights to them. I am not getting involved in copyright infringement fights.

Contact me: Send an email to carla at cabil dot com.

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Service includes: purchasing up to 2 stock pictures, modification, design of the title logo (which I will give you a separate file of, on request,) and a reasonable number of editing and feedback cycles.
Ebook covers: $100. Final file will be suitable for use in ebooks and for online promotions.
Print book covers: $300. Final file will be suitable for commercial printing, prepared to the specifications of your printer. Includes spine and back cover.
Heavy Photoshop manipulations: If your ambitions would require a significant amount of time, we will work out a surcharge before agreeing to the price of the job.

Tour buttons or banners

Service includes: creating web banners or buttons from existing book covers or other customer-supplied art. Discounts for multiple items.
Static: $15
Animated: $30

Business cards and bookmarks

Service includes: creating business cards or bookmarks from existing book covers or other customer-supplied art. Artwork should be of printable quality -- I won't be responsible for the printing quality of low resolution artwork.
Printer-ready files: $30


Service includes: converting your sketch into a high-resolution vector drawing in Illustrator. Up to three rounds of revisions.
Printer and ebook-ready files: $100

eBook conversions

Service includes: conversion of a text file to MOBI and EPUB via either HTML markup or preparation for Smashwords' Meatgrinder. Cover art and any interior artwork provided by the customer.
up to 40k words: $50
40 to 70k words: $75
70 to 100k words: $100
100 to 130k words: $125 Need to go larger? Ask.

Print book layouts

Service includes: Interior layout of your book in Adobe InDesign -- the cover is a separate item, see above -- and up to three rounds of revisions. Any interior artwork is provided by the customer. Customer will receive a print-ready PDF prepared to the printer's specifications. Word count below includes any introductions, appendices, glossaries, etc.
up to 40k words: $100
40 to 70k words: $125
70 to 100k words: $150
100 to 130k words: $175 Need to go larger? Ask.


Service includes: Checking punctuation, spelling, and basic grammar ONLY. Your file will be returned as a .doc with tracked changes.
up to 40k words: $100
40 to 70k words: $175
70 to 100k words: $250
100 to 130k words: $325 Need to go larger? Ask.

Copy editing

Service includes: Proofreading as listed above, plus: repetition, term consistency, sentence structure, voice consistency, and continuity. I will pester you about hats that appear and disappear, the black horse that turned into a bay, etc.
up to 40k words: $125
40 to 70k words: $200
70 to 100k words: $275
100 to 130k words: $350 Need to go larger? Ask.